Who we are...

MASTHERO.COM is company setting the standard for providing the high quality technical mast mount for Go Pro, G-Eye, Rollei, iSaw, Actionpro, Ironxcam actioncam and many more!

Windsurf Mast mount is the world’s only professional gad for using action cam on the mast.

Our product line and development go hand in hand with experiences of our team which consist of skilled windsurfers on one hand and specialists for camera recording on the other hand.

Our unique advanced Masthero mount allows you to see your surfing from bird`s-eye view – which will help you find new, better side of your windsurfing tricks. Windsurfing fans are enthusiastic about our product because of its practical use.

The masthero.com website offers you the latest information from windsurfing world, especially around the mast mount equipment scene.

Choose MASTHERO mount for Action Cams and see all possibilities of record of your windsurfing knowledge also from the other perspectives .... your friends will be enthusiastic about you!



Bojan has been spending 15 years working with e-marketing systems and leverages his experience in direct marketing and web design to give Masthero.com its birth. He is an internet specialist and currently works at an internet and mobile provider. He grabs every opportunity to start new business and continues to come up with new product ideas. Bojan is handling everything from marketing to product logistics. A windsurfer and an adrenaline freak at heart. He has an ultralight pilot's license as he likes the freedom of the sky.


Milos is considered as one of the top windsurf coaches worldwide with gaining reputation and is unlike many other coaches a world class sailor who can perform all the moves. As a proud team member of Masthero.com he loves testing and promoting North Sails and Fanatic brands with Masthero.com mount for GO PRO, G-Eye and Rollei Actioncam

Sergey lives in San Francisco, California. He is a windsurfer and has about 100 surfing days per year. Sergey has designed this piece of art - Masthero!